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  • Best Baby Walkers in India
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    Is a Walker Best for your Baby?

    In this post, I would be discussing If a Walker Best for your Baby? Should you really buy it to help you Baby walk faster? Is it safe? Will it really help in the development of your child? These were all the questions that I was facing while I was planning to buy a Baby Walker a few months back. I remembered reading somewhere (a while back) that a walker is not good for a Baby. Hence I decided to research further to find out the truth. This blog post aims at sharing my personal findings and recommending some of the Best Baby Walkers in India.   Summary – My…

  • Best Diaper Bags in India
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    Best Diaper Bags in India

    If you are a new parent you know by now that the little human that has come into your life is all-encompassing! A tiny baby takes up all the space in your heart and your home! Everywhere you look, there are baby things strewn about! When you have to leave home with your baby, you, therefore, want to carry your home with you! But that being impossible, here is the next best thing to do, use a diaper bag! Hence, I compiled the list of Best Diaper Bags you can buy online in India.\   Note: This is a product that you will be using for at least 3 years…

  • Best baby Carriers in India - Reviews of Baby Carrier Brands like Luvlap, Infantino, R for Rabbit, Trumom, MeeMee
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    Best Baby Carriers in India

    A lot of Moms email me asking me to share my thoughts on Baby Carriers. The most common question is about which brands are good in India and which are the individual products that one should look at. Hence, I decided to write this review about the Best Baby Carriers in India. Intro As a parent of an infant or a toddler, you are used to carrying around your baby in your arms. But when you step outside your home you may prefer to keep your hands free. The most convenient solution then seems to be a stroller. However, a stroller by itself is bulky and carrying it around when…

  • Best Breast Pump Brands in India. Review of Breastpumps by R for Rabbit, TruMom, Philips Avent, Medela, LuvLap, Chicco, SYGA, Oren & Pigeon
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    Top Breast Pump Brands in India

    In this blog post, I will be covering Best Breast Pump Brands in India. I have tried a few of them, while I have friends who have experienced the other brands and will be sharing their experience with you. I have also written a post on the best pumps (Models) and what factor you should look for which buying them. You can read that article by Clicking Here.   Note: If you looking to buy a breast pump right away, I recommend considering this product if you wish to buy an electric breast pump. While you can consider this product, you are looking to buy a manual one. The same…

  • Best RC Cars & Trucks in India (Remote Controlled)
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    Best RC Cars & Monster Trucks in India

    Remote controlled toys, especially cars and trucks are amongst the best toys that you can ever buy for kids. These toys can keep your child engaged for hours. I have myself bought a couple them for my kids and gifted over 5 of them so far. Based on my experience on the toys that I have bought, I have compiled this list of the Best RC Cars & Monster Trucks in India. Even though RC Cars and Trucks are fun to play with, they are not the most durable toys that you can gift the child. If you (or the child) is not careful while operating the toy, it will…

  • Best Breast Pumps in India - Review and Price Comparison
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    Breast Pumps in India – Which one to Buy?

    I was a working mother and was planning to join back the workforce after my maternity leave got over. We had two alternatives, first, to start using a breast pump. The second option was to start feeding my LO with baby food. We choose the first option. Even for mothers who stay at home, this device helps them take some much deserved time off and have some rest. Babies need breast milk for the first one to 2 years of their lives, and it is a mother’s job to provide them with everything they need throughout the day. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for some mothers to breastfeed so…

  • Best Baby Stroller in India with price and review
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    5 Most Safest Baby Strollers in India [Review + Price]

    I will be very honest with you, I love strollers as much as my baby does. He loves going out for his morning and evening strolls and I get to enjoy a peaceful walk around the park. However, buying a stroller for your baby may not be as easy. There are numerous (good & bad) options available online in India. I hence decided to compile this buyer’s guide to help you purchase the best baby strollers in India. Baby strollers have become one of the most essential and convenient baby products in the market. Not only do they allow you to take your baby anywhere, but it also creates a…

  • Best Nebulizers for Infants in India Babies
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    Best Nebulizers for Infants in India

    The use of Neutralizers is increasing rapidly even in India. Nowadays doctors do recommend nebulizing your baby as it is a more effective way for medicines to reach the baby. I have hence complied this list of Best Nebulizers for Infants in India. In addition to this, I am sure you have a lot of thoughts in you mind currently (as did I when I bought one for my baby). How does a Nebulizer work? Which one should I buy? Is it safe? Will my baby get addicted to it? Can I use it at home? I will also try and answer all these questions in this article as well.…

  • Best Baby Diapers in India
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    Best Baby Diapers in India

    When I was about to have my first baby, a lot of thoughts troubled me. One of the major ones was which diaper should I be using for my newborn? Should I just use the traditional cloth Langot or is disposable the way to go? I have written this review article to answer these exact same questions. I have also listed some of the Best Baby Diapers in India. Summary: You can opt for the Pampers Active Baby if you are looking for a Diaper for your newborn. For slightly older infants, you can buy chlorine & Paraben free Diapers from a European Brand called Diaper Champ. For someone looking for a Cloth…

  • Best Baby Car Seats in India
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    Best Baby Car Seats in India

    In this review article, I will be listing and comparing the Best Baby Car Seats in India. The article will also cover the essential points that you should consider before buying this product online. Products from major brands such as R for Rabbit, LuvLap, Chicco, Graco, Evenflo, Trumom, Britax & Mee Mee included.   Make sure you browse through the entire article to ensure you do not miss out on anything important!   Summary: If you are looking to buy an infant seat for your newborn child (Upto 9 months of age) you should opt for the TruMom Infant Seat.  This car seat can also be used as a carry cot…