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LuvLap Baby Stroller Review


LuvLap has some of the best selling strollers in India under their belt. I get a lot of questions regarding the quality of these strollers and if one should buy them. Hence I decided to compile this LuvLap Baby Stroller review. I will also cover a list of best Luvlap strollers in this article.



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Summary: Do I recommend LuvLap Strollers?

Absolutely, I personally use a Luvlap stroller for my LO and find that product absolute value for money.

Is the quality at par with Graco, Chicco or Britax? A Big No.

However, you get what you pay for. There is a huge price difference between LuvLap and the other brands I mentioned above. If you want to have world-class quality be prepared to spend money. However, if you want a good stroller priced for the Indian market, I think LuvLap is one of the best bet.


Recommended Product:

LuvLap Galaxy (Click to check the price). This product comes with 5 point safety harness – For a detailed review keep reading the post below.

If you find the above product a bit expensive, chuck a few fancy features and opt for this Budget Stroller (This one too has 5 point safety harness)



Tip – Don’t try to save a couple of thousand rupees and buy a stroller with 3 point harness. Once your baby gets active and starts moving around, it will be very difficult for you to keep your baby safe with a 3 point harness. A five point harness (with shoulder strap) is the safest bet.


I will now proceed with the review of individual models (Top 5)



LuvLap Stroller Review:

Before discussing individual models, I will provide you with a table that will compare the top 4 models by LuvLap. The comparison table will help you understand the differences between these model easily and in much more visual fashion. Hopefully, it should also help you make up your buying decision.

Best LuvLap Baby Strollers in India
Features Royal Galaxy Joy Orbit Sunshine
Weight Capacity 15 KGs 25 KGs 15 KGs 15 Kgs 20 Kgs
Recline Multi-Position 3 Position Multi-Position Multi-Position 3 Position
Handlebar Reversible Reversible Reversible Fixed Reversible
Harness 5 Point Safety 5 Point Safety 5 Point Safety 5 Point Safety 3 Point Safety
Food Tray No Yes Yes Yes No
Easy to carry Yes No No No No
Brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suspension Yes No No No No
Canopy Yes, Extended Yes, Extended Yes, Extended Yes Yes
Storage Space Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Picture + Price Amazon Flipkart Amazon Flipkart Amazon



Let us now get into the individual models that I like and recommend:


1. LuvLap Royal

This stroller is the best-made product in the entire list. The frame of the product is made using lightweight aluminium. The wheels, cushions and other materials used on the stroller are made using better quality materials. You can visibly make out the difference between this product and the others.

The product gets very compact once folded and also has a strap to carry it around easily. The wheels and the braking system work much better compared to the other LuvLap models on this list.

Luvlap Royal baby stroller review and price

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Pros of LuvLap Royal:

  • Quality finish. The product looks very premium
  • Easy and light (compared to other models) to carry around
  • The wheels have suspensions for more comfort
  • Zip to secure the canopy once extended. Helps provide a peaceful sleep to your baby


  • Assembly can be a bit tricky
  • No food tray provided


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2. LuvLap Galaxy

As you would have already noticed above, this is the stroller that I recommend. This product all the necessary features that you as a parent would require to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

The stroller cum pram is available in 4 different colours:

  • Black & Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Greenish Blue

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Pros of LuvLap Galaxy:

  • It comes with a 5 point safety harness. The five-point harness system not only holds the baby around the waist but also straps the baby around from the shoulder. This helps keep the baby in the stroller and ensure he/she does not fall head first out of it.
  • The product comes with a reversible handlebar. This feature comes in handy when you out during the daytime and the sun shines right on your LO’s face. You can single switch the handle position and the canopy will not become effective.
  • The canopy can be pulled right down. This helps when your child is sleeping.
  • Comes with a good detachable food tray.
  • Both front (swivel lock on the front) and the back wheels have brakes to it.
  • It is a sturdy stroller with lots of space for your baby.



  • The cushion on the stroller is little thin. You may need to add your own cushioning to it.
  • Some of the metal bars are not covered. Nothing alarming, however, it would have been good if those parts near the baby had some soft covering.
  • Don’t expect the brakes to be very effective. They work but could have been better.
  • As with all LuvLap strollers, the assembly was somewhat challenging and manual hardly provides any useful information (At the time of writing this review)


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You can have a look at the video below to see this stroller and its features up close. This video will also help you understand how to recline and fold LuvLap strollers.




3. LuvLap Baby Joy Stroller

For someone who loves colours and designs. The LuvLap Joy stroller is available in black as well as some nice bright and colourful designs.

What I really like about this stroller is that it has most of the essential features and yet is cheaper compared to the LuvLap Galaxy stroller mentioned above (at the time of writing this review).

You can refer to the table above for more details about the comparison.

Luvlap Baby Joy Stroller Pram Review & Price in India

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Pros of LuvLap Joy:

  • Available in nice bright colours
  • Is light, comfortable and looks premium
  • Good safety and usability features


  • Installation can be a bit difficult. The installation manual is not very helpful



4. LuvLap Orbit

Looks and performs exactly like the LuvLap joy stroller. The comfort and the cushioning on the inside are also very similar. I own this particular model and hence can say that it an absolute value for money.

However, there 4 main differences between the two models:

  • The most visible difference of them all, the LuvLap Orbit comes with only three wheels. While the Joy (and all other LuvLap prams) come with 4 wheels. However, don’t worry, the stroller is extremely stable and comfortable to use.
  • The second major difference is the non-existent reversible handle. However, you do save on the cost as you sacrifice some features.
  • The canopy does not go all the way down, but I find it useful enough for a regular outing. You can carry a think piece of cloth and pin it to the canopy if you feel the light on the outside is too much for your LO to sleep.
  • Finally the price. The Orbit is priced cheaper compared to all other strollers mentioned in this post.

LuvLap Orbit Stroller Review

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Pros of LuvLap Orbit:

  • You get a good quality stroller at a really good price point
  • Light and compact


  • The handle is not reversible
  • Difficulty in installing the wheels of the stroller



5. Luvlap Sunshine

This is the last LuvLap baby stroller in my list. This is the best selling model by LuvLap currently, however, it is not my preferred choice simply because of one reason. It has a 3 point safety harness. This to me is simply not good enough.

If you are lucky you baby might grow up to a quiet baby. However, most of them like to jump around in their stroller. A 3 point safety harness is a belt that goes around just the waist of the baby. This allows the baby to lean all the way up front. Mostly, nothing should happen, but there is a chance that the baby leans and falls head first out to the stroller.

I hence recommend you to buy any of the 4 strollers above, compared to this one.

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller REview

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Pros of LuvLap Sunshine:

  • Cushioning is better compared to some of the models above
  • Available in various different colours and prints
  • Comes with a mosquito net. Can be really useful in the park during evening time.


  • Safety – It comes with a 3 point harness
  • No food tray
  • Installation issues


You can also have a look at this stroller up close in this video below:



LuvLap Stroller Assembly:

By now you would have noticed the common theme is that the installation is not very easy. However, the good news is that you have to do it only once. You can take help of some friends who are better equipped handling the tools to get this done with.

You can also have a look at the video below. The video will show you how to install/assemble the LuvLap Sunshine.




LuvLap Customer care:

In case of any complaints, issues or clarifications you can reach out to LuvLap using their website – here or on their toll-free number 18001207897.


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This brings me to an end of my review of LuvLap Baby Strollers and list of their best models. I hope this article was useful and helped you make your purchase decision.

So which one did you decide to buy? Are you are already using a LuvLap product? How has been your experience so far? Do me know in the comments below. You can also use the section below to ask me any further questions that you may about these strollers.


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