Luvlap vs R for Rabbit Strollers - Comparision + Review
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LuvLap vs R for Rabbit Strollers

If you follow my blog, then you would know that I have already a couple of article about strollers. The first one being a list of Best Strollers in India and the second one, a Review of LuvLap strollers.

However, I get a lot of emails asking me about R for Rabbit and how they stand against Luvlap products. So, I decided to come up with the dedicated blog post on LuvLap vs R for Rabbit Strollers in India.


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Summary –  LuvLap vs R for Rabbit

As disclosed earlier, I personally use a Luvlap stroller for the past couple of years and find it really good. I have many friends (fellow moms) whom I meet on an almost daily basis, who are really happy with their R for Rabbit strollers. This helped me look at a lot of top selling models closely.

I came up with my own set of rules to evaluate both brands and more importantly each of their models.

So, if you don’t wish to go through the entire article, here are my top two choices.

Option 1 – Check out Prices Here (Amazon) & Here (Flipkart)  – Available in three colours

Option 2 – Check out Prices Here (Amazon) & Here (Flipkart)  – Two variations available



My Thought Process:

Okay, so I am not a big brand person. I like to evaluate products on the quality, value & benefits that it offers to me. I believe that brands are there to serve us and not vice-versa.

So going by this. The following are the criteria on which I evaluated Luvlap and R for Rabbit.

  1. Focus on the safety & comfort of our baby. Check if the product you like meets global safety standards. Does it have all the functionality that we will need? Pockets, Storage Space, Sunroof for baby, etc
  2. Then comes your own happiness. Go for the product that you think will look best for your baby.
  3. Warranty & Customer service.
  4. The last consideration is the brand that you buy.

Going by these three requirements I have shortlisted two products that I like the most. Highlighted in the summary section above.


Now, before we jump into the products, let me walk you through both these brands, their backgrounds and story.


About R for Rabbit Brand:

R for Rabbit is an Indian brand formed by a husband and wife duo, Kinjal & Kunal. When they became parents they were not able to buy quality products at an affordable price in India.

There were only two options when they launched this brand. One, very expensive international brands and non-branded or cheap quality local brands. They decided to launch R for Rabbit to fill this gap and provide good quality products at an affordable price for other Indian parents like them.

All their products are designed keeping the safety of the babies first. Hence, they always follow European safety standards for all their products.


About LuvLap:

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about this brand. It is surely an Indian brand, however, they do not have much information about their company on their website, in media or on Wikipedia.

Like the brand above they too believe in having all their products comply with European safety standards. LuvLap also targets a similar audience with their products (Indian looking to buy quality products at an affordable price)



R for Rabbit VS LuvLap Strollers

Both these are young Indian brands. They offer similarly priced products and target the same customer segment. Both these brands have a strong presence on marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart. However, R for Rabbit is a more design-oriented brand. They offer better looking & modern designs. However, Luvlap makes a product that has a mass appeal.

If we talk about strollers, Luvlap does seem to have an edge in terms of sales online. At the time of writing this review, their models dominate the top 10 most sold strollers in India on Amazon India.

However, as I said earlier. I look at a wide variety of factors which deciding which product to buy (Brand comes in second). Two products stood out from the rest in terms of features they offer vis-a-vis the price you pay for them.

Incidentally, I have one model from both brands which I liked.


1. LuvLap Galaxy

I have compared all the LuvLap stroller out there to come up with the model that offers the best value. If you wish to read that post, you can click here.

This stroller has all the basic feature in terms of functionality and safety that a parent would want in a product.

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller Review

Compare Latest Price – AmazonFlipkart

I have summarized the features below:

  • Sturdy frame, wheels and overall structure.
  • A reversible handlebar. If you are a first-time parent, you may not understand the importance of this functionality but trust me, you will need it as your baby grows.
  • Easy to fold the stroller. You can easily keep it in the boot of your car or SUV.
  • 5 point safety harness. This is a must-have feature for me. 3 point safety harness (according to me) is simply not enough to keep your baby strapped in safely.
  • Sunroof.
  • Good storage space. You can easily carry your diaper bag, toys & food/water.
  • Multiple recline position.
  • Brakes on all wheels. A handy feature when you wish to sit down in the park and not worry about the stroller starting to roll away from you.


2. R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake Grand

This is the second product that I like. It is a simple, clean design but looks absolutely stunning. I don’t think this model was launched when I bought my stroller, else I would have certainly opted for this model.

Similar to LuvLap above, this product is really sturdy. I especially like the wheel, which is very strong and you can easily take this stroller out in a park etc

R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake Grand Stroller Review India

Compare Prices & Read more User Reviews – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Most of the features are same as LuvLap above. However, the most notable difference is that this model supports multi-position recline, while LuvLap above supports 4 positions only.
  • This product can support a baby up to the weight of 25 kgs. That is roughly till your baby turns 5 years old.


Company Websites:

You can also more information about both these brands and all the stroller that they offer on their official website. You can access the same by clicking the links below:


I hope this article on LuvLap vs R for Rabbit Strollers helped you compare two of the best selling stroller brands in India. Do let me know which model did you opt for? Or did you decide to go for a different model/brand altogether?

Also, if you have any further questions, do use the comments section below to reach out to me. I will surely try and help answer them to the best of my abilities.



  • Bhavani Sivagnanam

    I am still confused on which one to go for. As you mentioned, the cuppy cake model suits my need but then again, age limit is for 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs on Amazon and Firstcry. My baby is just 4 1/2 months old. Please advice. Awaiting your prompt response.


    • Apoorv

      Now that your baby is 4 and a half months old, you can go with another model as now the baby will very soon be sitting upright. Check out the more lightweight models of both the companies online. R for Rabbit has a very good model which can we used as a cabin baggage.

  • Santu

    R for Rabbit stoller is for 0-5 years as it has multi level reclining. You can check the details on its official website.

  • Dipika

    Mam which stroller is best and easy to carry . Luvlap galaxy, r for rabbit choclate or r for rabbit cuppy cake grand. Confused. Plz suggest

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