Review of Best Maternity Pads in India
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Best Maternity Pads in India

Parenthood is always viewed as a new and exciting journey, but becoming a mother comes with its own set of joys and challenges- being a mom myself, I would know. While there are many ways to prepare for a new baby and how to take care of him or her after they arrive, new mothers often forget an important component: taking care of their own selves.

One of the often-overlooked facets of this care is preparing for post-partum bleeding. For which the new mother will need maternity pads. But the product itself is still quite unheard of in India, and I remember being confused when I heard of it- why is it necessary, how does it help, and which are the best maternity pads in India for me to choose from?


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Summary – Which are the Best Maternity Pads?

I tried out a few brands of maternity pads myself after my delivery, and while some completely missed the mark, others were quite good at what they claimed to do. However, from all the brands I tested, my preferred choice would be the This Brand on Amazon.

I would recommend buying at least 3 or 4 packs. This will ensure you have enough stock with you at the hospital and for the initial few days at home. It will help you ensure that there is one less thing to worry about and focus solely on your baby and your own recovery.

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Maternity pads – what are they and why do we need them?

Now I know that many women think that the maternity pad as a product is just a gimmick and is no different from a regular sanitary napkin. Why spend money on a new product that works essentially the same as an older, tried and trusted one?

I used to think similarly before I tried maternity pads. Maternity pads are not only wider, bigger and cover more surface, they are also much softer than regular sanitary napkins, to be gentle on your post-natal sensitive intimate region, and also to avoid abrading any stitches you may have.

For many women, post-partum bleeding, known as lochia, wherein the remnants of the placenta are shed, is quite heavy and regular sanitary pads cannot absorb this flow. Moreover, post-partum bleeding can last up to six weeks, and using regular pads could seriously abrade the inner regions.


Best Maternity Pads in India

1. Abena Premium Maternity Pads

These high-quality maternity pads are super-absorbent, highly breathable and extra soft to maximize comfort. Not only that, they are on the affordable side for a pack of 14 pads.

Best Maternity Pads in India for New Moms post Delivery - Abena

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These are also eco-friendly and made with sustainable polymer material, making them one of the best maternity pads in India. Customers who bought this pad are happy with the quick absorption and deemed it as a must-buy for women with a heavy post-partum flow.


2. Dynamnic New Mom Maternity Pads

These maternity pads come at 20 pads per pack, which is quite a good quantity for the price paid. The pads have wide adhesive strips underneath them to ensure that they stick to the full surface of the underwear, and are nearly leak-proof due to high absorbency.

Dynamnic New Mom Maternity Pads

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A friend of mine who bought this pad loved it. She said that it was very gentle on her post-delivery stitches and caused no irritation or discomfort.


3. Newmom Disposable Maternity Pads (Maxi)

Another affordable option among the best maternity pads in India is the Maxi range of maternity pads by Newmom. These pads are popular for their gel-based technology which drives away odour and keeps the intimate region clean and dry, reducing the number of times one has to change.

There is extra length and the width added to the pads. This helps to ensure that there is no unwanted side flow. The company also has added elastic sides to further restrict leakage.

Newmom Disposable Maxi Maternity Pads

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4. Organyc Maternity First Days Sanitary Pad

These pads are, as the brand name suggests, organic in composition in that they use pure cotton, free of any kind of plastic and commonly used additive. While the price of a pack of 12 pads is relatively on the higher side, what makes this brand one of the best maternity pads in India is the 100% organic composition and guaranteed superb comfort.

Organyc Maternity First Days Sanitary Pad

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FAQs About Maternity Pads

When Should I Start Using Postpartum Pads?

You will most likely need to start using post-partum pads within a few hours of delivering your baby, as that’s when the bleeding starts. You may need to keep using them for a month or six weeks, depending on the flow.

How Many Pads Will I Need in my hospital bag?

It’s a good idea to carry 30-40 pads, i.e. around 3-4 packs of maternity pads in your hospital bag, as bleeding may be quite heavy in the initial couple of days. It is always better to have these in excess with you than hunt for more if you unexpectedly run out.

Are sanitary pads the same as maternity pads?

No, they are not. Maternity pads are specifically meant for new mothers with heavy post-partum bleeding and a post-birth sensitive intimate region, while sanitary pads are what new moms can switch back to after post-partum bleeding ends.

Can I use normal pads after birth?

You can, but it’s not a good idea, as regular pads are not as absorbent as maternity pads, and the heavy bleeding may lead to leakage and stains. Regular pads are also not as soft as maternity pads and may feel rough on your sensitive nether regions.


Are you as surprised as I was, with the benefits of maternity pads and all the options available in the market to choose the same?

While some may still prefer the traditional sanitary napkins over maternity pads, the comfort you will experience as a new mom with maternity pads is a complete relief. You can always choose to save money and go with regular pads, but that’ll just create discomfort, rashes and maybe even infection if you’re not careful! Moreover, maternity pads take away much of the stress about leaking and staining as well as dissipating odour.

This lets you feel freer and concentrate on bonding with your new baby- and trust me, that’s exactly what you need right then. Also, if you think of the benefits you’re getting with each maternity pad, the cost does justify itself. So, what’s your choice, ladies?

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