Best Pregnancy Pillows in India. Top Maternity Pillow Brands with Price & Review
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Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful things, that a woman can ever experience in her lifetime. However, pregnancy does come with its fair share of problems. Not able to sleep well most the first trimester is just one of the problems that most woman face. A good pregnancy/maternity pillow can help you sleep better. Hence, I have come up with this list of Best Pregnancy Pillows in India.

This blog post will also try and answer a lot of other questions that normally most new moms-to-be have about pregnancy pillows.



If you have already decided on buying one for yourself (I too recommend using one), and do not wish to go through the entire article, then you directly consider this particular version & shape of Coozly.

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I will now start off with my detailed article.


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What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Well, to simply answer this question, a Pregnancy pillow is a pillow that is specially designed to provide support to the entire body of a pregnant lady. Especially the back, thighs and legs. These pillows are much bigger compared to regular ones and are available in various shapes. I, J, U and C are the most commonly used ones.

I personally prefer the U shaped pillow. However, you choose one as per your sleeping habits and one that makes you feel the most comfortable.


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Is it Recommended to Buy One?

Absolutely, I attribute a lot of peaceful nights, especially after the first trimester, to my maternity pillow. The doctor had advised not to sleep on my back. For obvious reasons, you cannot sleep on your tummy either. So, this pillow provided the support required for my legs and back.

For all the new moms, I recommend getting as much rest and sleep as possible while you can (while you are pregnant). Once the baby is with you, your schedule will depend totally on his/her mercy. I had to get up multiple times at night to console/feed my crying baby.

So, don’t overthink and buy yourself a comfortable maternity pillow.


When can I start using a Maternity Pillow?

There is no specific timeline that stats when an expecting lady should start using a pregnancy pillow. As I stated earlier, I started using it after my first trimester.

Please keep in mind that you will need a few days to adjust to your new sleeping position. So, I would recommend, do not wait till the time you are not able to sleep well in discomfort. Buy it soon and start using it.

You can also continue using this pillow post your delivery, I often used one of the ends and used this as a feeding pillow.

I even use it now sometimes 🙂 (When I am not pregnant and breastfeeding)


Which is the Best Pregnancy Pillow Shape?

Now that you have decided to buy one for yourself, the next question that comes to mind is, which is the right shape to buy?

With so many shapes being available on sale (Wedge, I, J, U & C being the most popular ones), you are bound to get confused.

I recommend keeping thing simple. Buy the U shaped one that helps support your back as well as provides a cushion to rest your legs on. If need be, you can always fold it in a shape that you want. So then a U shaped pillow can also be used in the same way that you can use the C shaped pillow.

One more advantage of using a U shaped pillow is that you can easily turn around and sleep on the other side a night. Doing this with any other pillow will be really difficult for you.


Best Pregnancy Pillows to Buy:

With all the basic question out of our way. I will now focus on specific products that you can buy for yourself.

1. Coozly U Lyte Premium

This is the product that I bought. I found it really comfortable for the price that I paid. There are international brands that you can buy from Amazon USA but they are really expensive.

I personally think that this is the best product that you can buy online in India currently.

The pillow was hard enough for me and the cover was made using good quality cotton. The cover can be removed and washed easily.

The brand also sends you a discount coupon, using which you can buy extra covers if you need.

Coozly U Lyte Premium Pregnancy Pillow Review India

Check Availability & Latest Price – Amazon

The product comes with a nice zippered bag. You can use this bag to store the pillow when you don’t need it.

The premium pillow as of now is available in two different colours on Amazon.


2. MomToBe C shape Maternity Pillow

A lot of women do not change their sleeping posture at night. Some of them like to sleep in the position as denoted in the image below, for them, this MomToBe C shape Maternity Pillow will work really well.

As like the product above, this product too comes with a removable zippered cotton cover. This helps you easily wash to cover from time to time.


MomToBe C shape Maternity Pillow - Cotton

Check the Latest Price & More User Reviews – Amazon | Flipkart

I recommend buying the extra large sized pillow so that you have enough space to move around at night. The difference between the cost of two is not much anyways.

The product is also available in various colours. Use the links above to see all available options on the two websites.


3. Get It U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This is the second U shaped product in my list for obvious reasons. However, there is a slight difference in the first product I shared and this one.

Quality wise, you get what you pay for.  This product is quite cheap compared to the first one. However, if you are short on budget, you can opt for this one.

You can use other regular cushions, bedsheets etc to make this pillow more comfortable if need be.

Get It U Shape Pregnancy Maternity Pillow brand

Check Available Colours & Latest Price – Flipkart | Amazon


This brings me to the end of my review of the Best Pregnancy Pillows in India. I hope I was able to help you select the right product for you and it helps you get a really good night’s sleep.

If you have any further questions about the pillow or its usage, do feel free to use the comments section below.

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