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Best Nebulizers for Infants in India

The use of Neutralizers is increasing rapidly even in India. Nowadays doctors do recommend nebulizing your baby as it is a more effective way for medicines to reach the baby. I have hence complied this list of Best Nebulizers for Infants in India.

In addition to this, I am sure you have a lot of thoughts in you mind currently (as did I when I bought one for my baby). How does a Nebulizer work? Which one should I buy? Is it safe? Will my baby get addicted to it? Can I use it at home?

I will also try and answer all these questions in this article as well. So do read on.

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If you have already done your research and you are here only for a product recommendation. Then let me help you right away.

You can opt for this product(Amazon) by Omron. It is available on Flipkart as well. This is a product that I have personally used for almost a year now. It can be used by both Adults as well as kids.

Please do always consult your Doctor before using a Nebulizer on your Baby.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is an electrical device that converts a liquid (water or medicine) into a fine mist. This mist then can be easily inhaled by the patient and gets readily absorbed by the body.

Since babies cannot use an inhaler, Nebulizer is the preferred choice of doctors to provide fast relief from severe respiratory problems.

Types of Nebulizers

There are mainly two types of Nebulizers that you can buy.

1. Tabletop Nebulizers:

These are most common type of Nebulizers that you can buy. They generally have a fixed electrical cord and a pipe through which the mist is passed on to the nose mask.

You will need to be seated in place to use them and cannot move around a lot while inhaling the medication.

They are generally the heavier of the two types and are designed for home use.

2. Portable Nebulizers:

These are more compact and light weight compared to the tabletop nebulizers. They are mostly powered by a rechargeable battery or a USB cord.

Since they are light and compact you can easily carry them around with you in your purse or backpacks.

Can I Use it at Home?

Absolutely, It is really easy to use a Nebulizer. You can take help of your baby Doctor’s staff or local chemist while using it for the first time.

You can also the video below by Dr. Harish describing how to use one.

Best Nebulizers for Babies in India:

I will now start off with the list of best products Nebulizers for Infants that you can buy online in India.

1. Omron NE C28

This is the product that I recommend buying. I have been personally been using it for around one year now and face no issues at all.

Omron is a leading global healthcare technology company and have vast number of best selling medical devices in their portfolio,

They also offer a 3 year warranty on the product.

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Very easy to use and store
  • Can be used by infants as well as adults. The product comes with two different sizes for face mask
  • Comes with a storage bag and additional air filters which can be changed as per the usage

2. Dr Trust Bestest Plus

This is amongst one of the top selling Nebulizers online in India. Dr. Trust has quickly become one of the leading brands dealing with baby medical products in India.

As with the product above, this one also can be used by patients of multiple age groups.

It is also one of the cheapest products on this list.

Check Actual User Reviews – Amazon

Key Features:

  • A high quality, hospital grade nebulizer that can be used easily at home
  • Can be used by patients of all age groups. Comes with two different sizes of mouthpieces
  • Comes with a flow adjuster setting. This allows you to select nebulization flow ranging between 0.5 -5 ml/min. Makes it comfortable to use as per you needs
  • Has a storage chamber which can be useful to store
    aerosol medication and other accessories

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3. Philips Home Nebulizer

A product from Philips generally needs no introduction. Philips is a well known brand is know for producing quality products that last you for years to come.

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Key Features:

  • The product uses a AC-powered air compressor nebulizer system
  • It comes with a compressor with disposal nebulizer, Tubing mouth piece, Adult face mask, Face mask for kids and an Instruction Manual
  • Philips offers a one year warranty on the product

4. Dr. Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer

It sometimes gets really difficult to get your babies to use Nebulizers. The wires and chords make things even more difficult.

So if you have a fussy baby, you want to consider using a portable Nebulizer, which you can easily use while carry your baby using the other hand.

Dr Trust Portable Nebulizer Price & Review

Check more User Reviews – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • Can be used by children as well as adults
  • The product can use two different power sources. USB and two AA batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries to make it easy for you to carry around
  • Makes very low noise
  • The company offers a one year warranty on the product

Have a look at this at this product and it usage in the video below.

5. BPL Breathe Ezee N3

BPL is know Indian brand. However, they are not know for producing medical device. Hence I pleasantly surprised, when I first saw this product retailing on Flipkart.

This is so for the best looking device on my list and also has a really good build quality.

The only reason that it is so down bottom of my list is that BPL does not have a strong history in this field. So we still need to see the performance of the product over a longer period of time.

BPL Breathe Ezee N3 Nebulizer

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Flipkart

This brings me to an end of by review of the Best Nebulizers for Infants in India.

I will now try and answer a few more question that you may have about nebulizing your baby. Do feel free to ask me additional questions in the comments section below.

Nebulizers for Infants – Are they Safe to Use?

Well, Nebulizer is just a tool or a medium. You cannot categorize it as safe or unsafe.

Take injections for example. They are just a medium to inject medicine into a patient’s body. You cannot categorize them as good or bad. An injection given by a seasoned Doctor can be life-saving.

At the end of the spectrum, it is can also be used by many misguided people to inject harmful chemical in themselves.

I guess this helped you understand the point I am trying to raise. Use a Nebulizer only as per your Doctors advice. If still think everything is not going as per your plan, consult your nearby hospital immediately.

How to clean your Nebulizer after use?

You should always store your Nebulizer after cleaning it thoroughly after use. One needs to ensure that there is no medicine or water left in the device after usage.

Below are some steps to follow:

  • Sterilize the face mask, tube and the medicine cup by keeping them in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes after washing them througholy.
  • Thereafter you should keep them on a clean dry piece of cloth so that dry off completely.
  • Please do ensure there is no moisture or water particle left in any of the components.
  • Pack them well in the box provided by the company for safekeeping (If not planning to use it for a while)

You can watch the video below by “American Lung Association” for more better understanding of the cleaning procedure.

I hope you found this article useful and helped you select the right Nebulizer for your baby.

Which one did you opt for? Do let me know you experience of the product in the comments below.

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