Best Newborn Baby Toys in India
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Best Newborn & Baby Toys in India

Shopping for newborns is not as easy as it sounds. The babies themselves are not picky, but you will still need to do a lot of research before handing over a toy to your loved one. I have hence compiled a list of the best Newborn Baby Toys in India that you can opt for.


If you do not wish to go though the entire list. Below are two of my best recommendations.

Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym by Fisher Price is the best toy you can buy – Click Here to know more

If you are on a tight budget, opt for Wooden Baby Rattle Set – Click Here for details


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Things to Keep in Mind before Shortlisting a Toy for Newborn:

  • Newborn babies can see or focus on objects that are about a 1 feet away for the first month or two
  • They enjoy bright and happy colours with contrasting backgrounds, as these colours are easy for them to see and identify
  • Most babies also enjoy soft music, wind chimes or rattles. You will ensure the sound is not loud or sudden, as it scares the baby
  • Once your baby is old enough to hold things, he/she would try and chew on everything that they find. So ensure you buy only safe toys for your LO.


Safety List:

  • Do not buy toys with sharp edges or long pointy shapes
  • Do not buy small toys that the baby easily swallow. Avoid toys with small parts for the first year or so
  • Avoid toys with batteries (Especially smaller button batteries)
  • Only buy toys with BPA free plastic or Wooden toys with organic/food grade colours
  • If someone does gift your baby a toy that does not fulfil the requirements above, ensure you keep the toy away so that no one else has access to it. Someone visiting the baby might use that toy by mistake.


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Best Toys for Newborns – 0-3 Months:


1. Rattles

This has been the go-to toy for parents for ages now. Rattles are still very popular because of their simplicity. Different sounds that you can produce using rattles can keep your baby engaged for several minutes.

Although Newborns will not be able to hold the rattles themselves. Parents can use them to play with the baby or calm them while they are crying.


a. Fisher-Price Giraffe Clacker Rattle

Nicely designed and cute looking Giraffe with rattles. The toy is designed so that the baby can easily grip the same (3 months+).

The product is very attractively priced and not at all expensive. The drawback, however, is that the toy is made using plastic.

Best Rattle Toys for Newborn India

Check out the Availability and Price Online – Flipkart

If you are looking for a more safer option. Go for the product listed below.


b. Wooden Baby Rattles by Ceejay Toys

This is not a very well known brand. However, their product quality was really good. This particular set has 6 rattles in it. They are all made using hand-picked wood and coloured using non-toxic and organic paints.

Some of the rattles do have a few small parts. So you will need to keep an eye on your baby to ensure there is no mishap.

Overall, a really good toy set that you must buy for your LO.

Best Wooden Rattle Toy for Newborn Baby

Check the Latest Price – Amazon

They also have a lot of other wooden toys on sale at Amazon. Do check out their entire offerings for some more beautiful toys.


2. Teethers

As soon as your baby is able to hold things in hand, he/she will try and chew on it. This is how most babies experience the world. Any new thing they encounter, they will and taste/feel it in their mouth.

Teethers will also be helpful to the baby from around the 4th month onwards. Most babies start to feel itchy in their gums due to teething. A good (Not too soft or not too hard) teether will help them alleviate that feeling.


a. Mee Mee Multi Textured Silicone Teethers

I found Mee Mee teethers really good. They are available in multiple designs and made using silicone which is BPA free.

The colours used are also baby friendly and non-toxic. These toys are nicely designed without any sharp edges. The babies find it easy to hold and chew on.

Make sure you buy a lot of teethers. Different shapes and colours will keep them engaged. Also, you never know which shape your baby will enjoy chewing on the most.

Don’t worry, these teethers are not very expensive.

Check all available designs & their Prices – Amazon



3. Play Gyms

This is a really versatile toy that you can gift your child. There are a lot of ways that you and your baby can utilize this product. Your baby can enjoy this product till he/she is about a year or two old (Depending on which product you buy)

Advantages of buying a Play Gym:

  • Most Play gyms can be disassembled, you can use only the things that you need.
  • Play gyms come with a mat where you can place your baby. You can use this mat on the bed, floor etc. You can even carry the mat around with you.
  • Play gyms come with a lot of fun toys, your baby will never feel bored.
  • Babies like to play in their gym a lot. You can finish your work while your baby enjoys his/her play time.
  • Most Play Gyms are versatile. You can use them in multiple ways. Your baby can play with laying down while sitting or even when they start to walk around.
  • Depending on the model you buy, these toys can have a variety of music, lights and other engaging toys.


a. Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym

Before I go into the details of the product, I suggest you watch the video below.  Especially if you haven’t seen a play gym before. This will give you a brief idea about the product and how it can be used.



I hope by now you are sold on the idea of having a play gym for your baby 🙂

If you are looking to buy the product shown in the video above, use the link below check price and order online.

Check Reviews by more Parents & the Latest Price in India – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Can be used by Newborn babies to toddlers
  • More than 12 different toys and activities for babies
  • Washable and padded mat for the comfort of your baby
  • Play gym with music, light and lots of bright happy colours for your baby to enjoy
  • Batteries are safely placed on the green arc. Protected by screws and out of reach of your baby


b. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick And Play Piano Gym

Alternately, you can also opt for the kick and play gym with piano. I personally like this product very much. Babies love to kick around objects around their leg. This gym plays nice music everytime the baby kicks the piano. This entertains the baby and also keeps them active.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick And Play Piano Gym

Check the Latest Price & Availability in your Area – Flipkart | Amazon




Best Toys for Babies 3 to 6 Months:

A lot of the toys that you would have purchased so far will still keep your child engaged. However, now since your child should be able to touch, feel and hold things, you can provide him/her with some toys that can help develop the senses, focus of eyes and hand-eye coordination of your baby.

You can buy toys that your baby can hold, lift and move around.


4. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

A flexible toy with contrasting colours. A small ball inside makes a nice sound upon rolling. Easy toy for the baby to hold and throw around.

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Check availability in your city – Amazon


5. Toyshine Push and Shake Doll

A toy that your baby can push around. This doll never falls when pushed gently. It wobbles, shakes or nods and keeps your baby engaged.

Made with European safety standards makes soft sounds when moving. This helps the baby identify the source of the sound. The movement of the dolls also keep them engaged and helps their eyes focus.

Toyshine Push and Shake Doll - Toys for 3 month old baby india

Add this Toy to your Shopping Cart – Amazon

The only drawback is that the seller does not allow us to pick a particular colour of the doll. One of the toys is randomly picked and sent across to us.


6. Fisher-Price Multi Colour Chains

A time-tested toy that babies of multiple age really enjoy. A 3+ month infant will start feeling the texture of the chains. They also enjoy different colours. This toy will also help you identify your baby’s favourite colour 🙂

They can easily chew on the rings too. Once the baby starts growing up, you can start teaching him/her how to join the rings together.

You can make different colour combinations and the length of the chains every day. A truly versatile and time-tested toy for you LO.

Fisher-Price Baby Activity Preschool Infant Chain India

Check the Latest Price of this toy – Amazon


7. Toyshine Musical Duck

A toy that will really come handy once your baby starts consuming homemade food. I also prefer a musical toy like this one instead of showing a cartoon on Mobile or TV.

Once your baby is addicted to watching a mobile or a TV while having food, it will be very difficult for you to reverse this habit of theirs.

Having a toy with some melodious music and some lights will help you calm your baby down while they finish their food.Best Musical Toy for Baby India

Add this product to your shopping cart – Amazon



Best Toys for Babies 6 Months+:

By now you baby might have started to enjoy sitting with some support. There are a lot of new toys that you can introduce at this point in time.


8. Zibuyu Baby Soft Cloth Books

By this time your baby is ready to learn to identify objects, family members etc. You can start off by using this books to tell stories or make them familiar with the different sounds of animals etc.

If your baby does not show a lot of interest, he/she can simply use them as teethers. The books are colourful with a lot of designs and shapes to keep your baby engaged.

Check All Available Designs and their Prices Online – Amazon


9. Fisher-Price Pull-Along Turtle

A toy that your LO can enjoy playing while sitting. This toy will also help encourage them to walk more once they start walking.

A really well design toy with great colours and design. I am sure your baby will have a fun with this turtle.

Fisher-Price Pull-Along Turtle

Check availability at your pincode – Flipkart


10. Wooden Cars by CeeJay Toys

Continuing with my list of the best baby toys in India. Ceejay wooden toys are on the list again, this time with a set of wooden vehicles.

This set of wooden toys consists of Cars, Train, Train Engine & Aeroplane. These beautifully crafted toys are painted with toxic free, organic paints.

This set of toys can be enjoyed by your baby easily for a couple of years. They help the baby to gauge the momentum of objects and motor skills.

Ceejay wooden car, train, aeroplane toys in India

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11. Fisher-Price Stack and Slide Mountain

This is the last baby toy on my list for now. This is a new version of the ring stacking toy. Babies can enjoy this toy in two ways.

The first way is as expected, by stacking or de-stacking (A polite word for destroying) the stack. Secondly, you can also drop a rattle bear that comes along with this toy. It makes a nice sound and babies tend to enjoy the bear falling off at the bottom.

Fisher Price Stack and Slide Mountain

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Amazon

The quality of the toy is really good and as expected by Fisher-Price.


This brings me to an end of my review on the best baby toys for newborns in India. Which one did you buy?

Is there any toy that your baby enjoys the most? Do let me know the details of the product and your review about the same in the comments below. This will help fellow moms and dads to buy the right toys for their loved ones.

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