Best Organic Almond Oil Brands in India
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Best Organic Almond Oil Brands in India

Note – Even though you are on a baby blog, this article “Best Organic Almond Oil Brands in India” is applicable for both Baby as well as Adult usage. I personally have used the brands mentioned below for both my baby as well as for myself.


Massage is one of the best ways to care for and strengthen your baby’s developing body. The key is to choose the right kind of oil for massaging that will give us the desired result. Though there are many massage oils in the market, I personally love the feeling of internal calmness that I feel when I use sweet almond oil on my skin and hair. Hence, I prefer to use it regularly for my baby too.

Since I was buying mainly for my baby, I wanted an oil that is safe and full of nutrition. I did not mind paying a bit extra during the initial days of baby’s development. I hence opted for cold-pressed &/or organic sweet almond oil.

Below is my list of top 3 organic almond oil brands in India. I have reviewed them here to make things easy for you.


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Summary – Which Organic Almond Oil to Buy?

All the three products that I have reviewed here can be used on adults and babies. They are all made from sweet almonds and contain 100% natural ingredients. However, I like this particular brand of Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil the best out of the lot.

I would recommend this for everyone who doesn’t mind paying for a high-quality product. This Luxury Ayurveda brand is 100% natural in all its processes. It uses rare plant extracts to prepare its products. You will see a natural glow on your and your baby’s skin when you start using this oil regularly for massaging.



Top 3 best almond oil brands in India

1. Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil

If you are looking for one of the best organic almond oils for massaging your baby’s delicate skin, the Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil is the right choice for you. Forest Essentials is a luxury Ayurveda brand that manufactures the most exotic products. Yes, like all other products from this brand, the cold-pressed almond virgin oil is also quite costly. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny that you pay for it.

Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil for Baby Massage

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Key Features

  • Oil is extracted by the cold pressing technique, which ensures that the essential fatty acids of the sweet almonds aren’t diluted at all
  • Doesn’t have any odour, but the texture is pleasant and very easily absorbed by the skin; therefore, it can be used on babies and adults as well
  • Protein-rich emollient penetrates the deep layers of the skin and keeps it moisturized at all times
  • Non-greasy oil that is rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E to improve your skin’s texture and smoothness
  • Apart from moisturizing the skin, the goodness of the sweet almonds also ensure that your skin starts to glow after a massage
  • Fresh, pure and organic cold-pressed oil that is extracted from sweet almonds using hand without the external heat application; therefore, perfect for the sensitive skin of babies as well
  • Can be used for massaging hair as well; assured hair growth and improved hair gloss guaranteed when you use this regularly


2. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Are you looking for a safe and healthy massage oil for your baby to make his skin smooth and bones strong? If yes, you should always go for products with organic and natural ingredients. The Blue Nectar Shubr Baby Massage oil is a contemporary Ayurveda product that is made up of 13 organic products including organic ghee, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Shankpushpi oil, etc.

Good massage oil is one that strengthens your baby’s bone & muscles, keeps his skin always moisturized and is absorbed easily by his body without causing any allergic reactions. The Blue Nectar Baby Massage Oil is not organic, but some of its ingredients are 100% organic.

Do note that this oil does not smell as good at the other two products on the list due to added herbs.

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil with Organic Ghee

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  • The organic cow ghee found in the Blue Nectar Baby Massage Oil plays a very important role in improving the flexibility of your baby’s body in addition to strengthening the joints and improving the bone density as well.
  • The 13 organic ingredients found in this massage oil help your baby feel relaxed and stress-free. When you spread the oil gently all over your baby’s body and give him a nice massage, he can also get relief from gastric issues. Massage helps to release the trapped wind in your baby’s tummy; therefore, this massage oil helps to keep your baby free from colic, gastric issues, irregular bowel movements and the like.
    Giving a baby a warm bath after a relaxing massage helps him to eat and sleep well. Therefore, he will gain proper weight in the different stages of his life.
  • This baby massage oil from Blue Nectar is rich in Vitamins A, C, D & E, due to which your baby’s overall health and development will improve considerably when you give him regular massages.
  • This oil comes with a very mild fragrance that doesn’t cause any irritation to your baby. It is free from all toxic elements such as paraben, sulfate and mineral oil.
  • This is a lightweight and non-sticky oil which is absorbed quickly in your baby’s body. Therefore, you can take a few drops of oil every day for massaging and spread these drops all over the baby’s body to give him a comforting massage.
  • Thanks to its natural ingredients, this oil is compatible to be used with all types of skin types. Even if your baby has dry skin issues or rashes or atopic dermatitis, you can use this oil for massaging, without any hassles.


3. Ryaal Sweet Almond Oil

If you are looking for an affordable and organic sweet almond oil for your face, skin and hair, the Ryaal Cold-Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is a good choice for you. It serves multiple purposes; therefore, it offers you full value for your money. When used on your hair it can control hair fall and improve the health of your scalp.

It helps your skin by keeping it hydrated and smooth. When used on the face, it can be used as an effective makeup remover.

Ryaal Sweet Almond Oil Cold Pressed

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This sweet almond oil from Ryaal is extremely lightweight, and it doesn’t contain any strong odours. Therefore, it can be used as a carrier oil along with other essential oils. It can also be used as base oil whenever you want to. Thanks to the natural ingredients used in this oil, you can use it for massaging your baby’s delicate skin as well.


  • This is a therapeutic grade cold-pressed sweet almond oil from Spain.
  • This massage oil is loaded with essential nutrients such as zinc, Vitamin E, potassium, monounsaturated fats, potassium and other micronutrients that keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated.
  • The goodness of sweet almonds, when massaged on the delicate skin of babies, helps in improving blood circulation and strengthening of bones.
  • Can be used for restoring moisture, lustre and health to dry and frizzy hair
  • Can be used for gently massaging the skin.  Helps get rid of ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines etc


Is Almond Oil Safe for Baby Massages?

Oil massages form an important routine of your baby’s growth phase. In many Indian homes, babies are given warm oil massages daily or once a week. It helps improve baby’s bone development, flexibility and blood circulation in babies.

Yes, sweet almond oil is considered to be very safe for babies. These are rich in Vitamins A, E, B2 and B6. All of these do a wonderful job on the delicate skin of babies. It can also help in releasing the wind trapped inside the tummy of your baby. Thereby relieving him/her of gastric ailments.

Though organic sweet almond oil contains a lot of health benefits, you should take extra care while using them for massaging your baby. Never massage an area that is close to your baby’s eyes or mouth. Almond oil is considered very safe for topical applications. However, ingesting it can cause serious problems for your baby.

Apply a few drops of sweet almond oil on a cotton ball and rub it in a small area on the wrist of your baby. This is a patch test and it helps you check if your baby is allergic to it, before applying the oil all over his body.

You may find many brands of almond oils in the market today. Most of them are highly processed and do not contain any nutrients. I recommend opting for Cold Pressed and an Organic brand is best for your baby.


This brings me to the end of my review on the Best Organic Almond Oil Brands in India. I hope you and your baby both enjoy the massages. If you have any further question for me, feel free to use the comments section to ask them.



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