Best R for Rabbit Baby Carriers in India
Product Review

Best R for Rabbit Baby Carriers [Review]

Investing in a baby carrier might be one of the best decisions I and my husband have taken as new parents. Not only have they proven to be much more comfortable for my baby as opposed to being carried around, but he also rarely cries when he’s strapped onto his carrier.

I have used a carrier for my baby for almost a year now.

I got urged to look into carriers from my friends. Carriers boost the physical development of my child. It has also strengthened the bond I share with my child. I and most of my friends have used this brand of Carriers. Hence I decided to come up with this review post on Best R for Rabbit Baby Carries in India.

Are they worth Buying? In my personal opinion, they are a must for new parents!


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Summary – Which one to Buy?

While I got the feedback for other carriers from my friends, this smart hip seat is what I bought (Light Green colour). I would recommend others to buy the same too.

But before you buy, do make sure you check prices on Flipkart too (Click Here)

It was very comfortable for the baby, me and my husband. With multiple carrying positions, this ergonomic and cost-effective carrier only developed a slight tear after rigorous 6 months of use (nothing to be alarmed about).


Top 3 R for Rabbit Baby Carriers

So let us begin with my list of handpicked baby carriers by R for Rabbit.


1. R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite – The Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This is one of the products that I’ve seen a lot of my friends use. Although I opted for a different model from R for Rabbit, this model is quite interesting. Hug Me is a cost-effective but beautiful looking baby carrier.  It offers ample features that make it very comfortable for both the child and the carrier.

R for Rabbit Hug Me Elite BAby Carrier Review India

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Made of pure cotton the carrier is ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort of the baby. I’ve seen babies being carried both facing in and out of the caretaker and even on the back.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design. Makes it easy to use
  • Provides closeness and contact for parents, ideal for growing babies
  • Specially designed to give proper support for the child’s head, spinal column and hips
  • Appropriate for 6-24-month-old babies (3-15kg)
  • 3 carrying positions – front carry facing-in, front carry facing-out and back carry
  • Comes with a strong wide shoulder and lumbar straps that provide support to the parent’s waist, helping them to carry their child baby effortlessly
  • Soft-structured so very comfortable and durable; made with premium breathable and padded cotton so the baby has a soft and cosy feeling at all times
  • Machine washable so very easy to maintain

This is a really good product. My friend’s 7-month old baby always falls asleep after sneaking into the comfortable carrier.


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2. R for Rabbit’s Upsy Daisy – Smart Hip Seat Baby Carrier

This is the carrier that I purchased for my baby. It is very comfortable for both the baby and the carrier. I have used this carrier for months in both, front as well as back facing positions. My baby was also very comfortable taking naps in while facing me.

Surely a product that I would recommend.

R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy BAby Carrier India Review

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Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design. Makes it easy to use. Initially, I was worried about the straps fitting my child, but after a few adjustments, it fits me, my husband, and most importantly my baby perfectly.
  • Comes with an added Hip Seat. This was a blessing for me as it allowed me to relieve my lower backpressure, giving my child a natural sitting position where his feet and thighs were securely supported to the knees, making sure his hip-joint doesn’t experience unwarranted pressure.
  • Additional straps designed to provide proper support for my baby’s head, spinal column and hips.
  • Multi-positional – the carrier offers 3 carrying positions – front carry facing-in, front carry facing-out and back carry
  • Made with premium breathable cotton pads (100% breathable cotton); my baby had a cosy experience at all times.
  • It is not fully machine washable. Hand washing is recommended. The hip seat might get damaged or disfigured if it is washed in the machine.

Overall, the carrier was very comfortable for my baby, me and my husband. However, it did develop a slight tear after rigorous use of almost 8 months. Do not be alarmed, my baby weighed about 6 to 10 kgs during the usage period.

After he grew slightly bigger, I could see that the product needed replacing. But for the time period that I used it, I was very satisfied with it. The sitting position for the baby is a feature that stands out in this product. My baby could rest his legs comfortably as his weight got divided equally across the carrier. This product was the perfect investment for me.


3. R for Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle

This was another commonly used product amongst our friend group of parents.

R For Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle Baby Carrier

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Key Features:

  • Wide and strong shoulder straps provide apt support for the carrying parent’s waist, helping him or her to carry the baby without difficulty.
  • The carrier is made of soft breathable fabric which provided ample ventilation and comfort for the baby.
  • Strong and adjustable strap buckles so that parents can easily move about when carrying their child.

Priced around 1,600 INR, this is another great low-cost product from R for Rabbit New.



Why I chose R for Rabbit Baby Carriers?

R for Rabbit is a young Indian brand that offers moderately priced products. The reason why I reviewed products from this brand is that it’s one of the most used brands in my friend circle.

R for Rabbit has a strong presence on Amazon and Flipkart and a lot of new parents are rightfully being drawn to their amazing range of carriers. R for Rabbit is the design-oriented brand in this market.

Their modern and innovative designs (for example the Hip Seat in my R for Rabbit’s Upsy Daisy – Smart Hip Seat Baby Carrier) makes it a brand that all new parents must consider.


Babywearing has become one of the most important decisions for a new modern parent. From ancient times, mothers have innovated new ways of wearing their babies (for example, wrapping them in a sari) and going about with their housework.

Modern engineering has fortified this tradition with amazing ranges of baby carriers. Choose wisely when purchasing one of these!

I hope this review of the Best R for Rabbit Baby Carriers in India, helped you select the right product for your need. So, which one did you opt for? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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