Best R for Rabbit Strollers in India - Review
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Best R for Rabbit Strollers in India

R for Rabbit has quickly taken up the top spots in multiple Baby product categories in India. Strollers are surely one of them. In this post, I will be comparing their models on sale and come with the 3 Best R for Rabbit Strollers in India.

Let’s Begin!

Strollers are the best way to take the toddlers out for a tour. I personally recommend the strollers to my friends who have newly stepped into parenthood. Strollers provide safe rides for kids to help the parents get the joy of travelling while carrying their kids easily.

I recommend buying one of the models from my list below. They come with multiple features for the kids, and they made me and my kids comfortable and safe. R for rabbit strollers come with perfect balance and design, keeping the vital features in mind.

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Summary – Which R for Rabbit Stroller to Buy?

R for Rabbit is a company dedicated to making your parenting experience easier and amazingly simpler. They focus on safety and development of the baby.

Do I recommend buying them?

A Big Yes!!

However, you need to select the right model for your needs. The list below gives you my preferred products.

Of these, my personal choice would be the first stroller that I recommended. Although it’s a bit expensive, I won’t mind spending a bit more to keep my munchkin safe and comfortable.


Best R for Rabbit Strollers in India:


1. R for Rabbit Hokey Pokey Plus

The luxurious, stylish and remarkably comfortable R for Rabbit Hokey Pokey Plus is the perfect stroller for the baby. This amazing stroller comes with a superior quality aluminium structure and has a calm design for the complete comfort of your baby.

The unique one-hand push fold feature of the stroller makes it easier to fold with just one hand. The attractive design, robust structure, quality PU wheels, comfy fabrics, and hidden suspension make it a perfect choice for the parents.

R for Rabbit Hokey Pokey Stroller + Pram Review

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Key Features:

  • EN1888-certified with European safety standards to ensure the protective ride for your baby.
  • The 5-point harness protection belt ensures additional safety of the child.
  • The stroller is equipped with the latest suspension technology, hidden aesthetically into the design, providing a comfortable ride.
  • One-hand push fold makes it easier to fold.
  • Aluminium Frame: The frame of the stroller is made of aluminium, making it lighter and simpler to carry.
  • For a comfortable ride, you can convert the stroller to the Carry Cot position easily. The Carry Cot position is also reversible and can be changed to parents facing from the front-facing position.
  • It also provides you with an option for a 180-degree recliner adjustable seat so the baby can comfortably lie down, nap or sit as and when required.


  • The stroller is not water-resistant. However, it can dry-off easily when wet.
  • The premium stroller is costly due to its enormous features and stylish design.

Who should buy this Stroller?

The premium quality R for Rabbit Hokey Pokey Plus Baby Stroller is luxurious and stylish. The stroller is a perfect choice for stylish moms who do not mind spending the extra bit for the comfort of their little ones.

Demo & Installation:

To have a closer look at the product and also know how to install the product, have a look at the video below.

I will now move on to the next product on my list.



2. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride

R for Rabbit offers another stroller with stylish design, excellent quality, and fits all the needs of the parents.

From easy to fold design, to outstanding suspension; the stroller has everything that a perfect stroller should offer. With its reversible handle, you can see the smile of your baby as you stroll.

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Stroller Review

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Key features

  • The stroller is EN1888-certified, the most stringent certification by the European Safety Standards for strollers for the safety of the toddlers.
  • It can be folded easily just by lifting the pull button and pushing, the stroller folds by itself. With a unique fold design, the stroller is easy to carry and transport.
  • With one-step Link Brake, you can lock and make it stop just with the click of your feet.
  • The excellent suspension of the stroller gives a smooth ride to the baby while you stroll. The front wheels of size 6.5 inch with brake are designed for comfortable swivel and lock while strolling.
  • UV canopy provides additional protection from the sunlight


  • The height of the stroller is not adjustable
  • The stroller may feel bulky for travel


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Who should buy this Stroller?

The R for Rabbit Chocolate ride Pram is a perfect combination of features, style, and comfort at an affordable price. The stroller is a perfect choice for the parents looking for a stylish and safe stroller without spending too much without compromising with the features.

Demo & Installation:

Watch the video below for detailed instructions:





3. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle

The R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Baby Stroller is an amazing combination of affordability, comfort, and safety. The stroller is very light in weight and offers an ample amount of storage space for the parent to carry all the stuff they might need while strolling.

R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle Stroller Review India

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Key Features

  • The stroller passes high safety standards of EN1888 and offers a 5-point harness system for the complete safety of your child.
  • A 4-point recliner for the comfort of the child.
  • It also has a one-hand fold feature. All you need to do is pull your foot up and unlock the hand lock; the stroller folds in a snap.
  • For a long straight stroll, you can lock the front wheels.
  • The strong brakes on the rare wheel can be easily operated with your toes.


  • The height of the stroller cannot be adjusted.

Who should buy this Stroller?

The stroller is very affordable and is a perfect option for the parent looking for an affordable stroller that does not compromise with the safety and comfort of the child.

Demo & Installation:

Installing this stroller is surprisingly easy (compared to other products on the market). Have a look at the video below to experience the same.




Even though R for Rabbit is a  really good brand for strollers. There are definitely some alternatives available in the Indian market. LuvLap being the main one. You can check my post on Best LuvLap Strollers in India for more options.

Or, read through my article on LuvLap vs R for Rabbit Strollers, where I compare these two brands side by side.


R for Rabbit strollers allows the parents to roam freely without having to carry the baby on them. It provides comfort to the babies so they can lie down, sit or take a nap easily. Hence, it becomes a beneficial item for both the child and the parent. Choosing the right stroller will let you and your baby have a wonderful time together as you can enjoy your regular life.

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