Best RC Cars & Trucks in India (Remote Controlled)
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Best RC Cars & Monster Trucks in India

Remote controlled toys, especially cars and trucks are amongst the best toys that you can ever buy for kids. These toys can keep your child engaged for hours.

I have myself bought a couple them for my kids and gifted over 5 of them so far. Based on my experience on the toys that I have bought, I have compiled this list of the Best RC Cars & Monster Trucks in India.

Even though RC Cars and Trucks are fun to play with, they are not the most durable toys that you can gift the child. If you (or the child) is not careful while operating the toy, it will break easily.

It is therefore also advisable to let the kids play under adult supervision. Else be mentally prepared for a broken toy in a few day’s time frame.


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RC Cars are available in a wide variety of types and price range. There are models meant for Pros (Adults) who view this as a hobby. These models can be very expensive. While there are cheaper options available for kids.

This article is more focused on models for kids. Below are the two models that I liked the most. The first one is this 1/18 Monster Truck + Rock Crawler. Similar models are available on Flipkart too.

The second option that I like is this Muscle Car on Amazon.


However, if you are looking for the Pro version, you can consider looking at this model on Amazon India. This particular option is nitro (fuel) powered buggy and can reach extremely high speed if the engine is tuned correctly.

You will need to buy additional accessories like Nitro fuel for the buggy, AA batteries for the radio controller & glow plug ignitor or a starter box.



Best Remote Controlled Cars & Trucks (Kids):

I will now begin with my list of the best remote controlled toys that you can buy online in India.


1. Smart Picks Monster Truck

This is a 1/18 scale RC Truck. The one shown in the picture below is by a brand called Smart Picks. However, there are other sellers selling similar models with different names on both Flipkart as well as Amazon.

I choose this seller since they already have a good rating. This helps us ensure we get exactly the same product as reviewed by other customers on those platforms.


Smart Picks 1 18 RC Monster Truck

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Amazon | Flipkart

The car is fast enough for a beginner and/or kids. You will be able to drive it around on paved surfaces, mud tracks, sand tracks or even on minor bumpy roads. The suspension of the vehicle is able to hold well and is good enough to tackle small stones/rocks.

You can watch this RC Truck in action in the video by the seller below:

The only drawback of this toy is the poor battery backup. It only gets worst on continued usage. However, you can easily replace the existing battery in the car with a better one. You can even buy them online.


2. Webby Muscle RC Car

This is a perfect RC car for kids who love fast muscle cars. The toy looks really good and has a “fast” look to it. The black and green body with sporty decals/stickers adds to its beauty. This model is also available in other colour combinations like orange & blue.

The Webby RC car can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The speed, although not as high as the pro cars, is good enough for kids to play with.

Webby Remote Controlled High Speed RC Car

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Amazon India | Flipkart

The main drawback of this product is the battery backup. Once charged fully, it will work well for around 20 minutes. This time may not be enough for kids.

The workaround is to buy a better and/or spare battery.


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3. Smart Picks 1:14 Monster Truck:

The two RC cars shown on top are comparatively smaller 1/18 model. This truck is slightly bigger (1:14 scale model).

This model has big wheels and huge ground clearance. It is designed to be driven in rough outdoor. It can counter rough surfaces with ease.

Give your kids some extra inspiration to play outside by buying this product for them.

1 14 Scale RC Monster Truck for Kids in India

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Amazon

Overall, a fun product which even adults (especially Dads) can enjoy with the kids outdoors.


4. Bugatti Transformers RC Car

Who does not love supercars? Especially if they can transform themselves into robots. This product offers you exactly the same combination.

This car has been designed for indoor usage. Apart from controls to move the car forward/backwards and left/right, the remote control has two extra buttons to convert the car into a transformers robot and back.

Bugatti Transformers Remote Car

Check the Latest Price – Amazon | More Options

This is not a fast car. So, if you looking for speed, opt for one of the models I discussed above. This product is designed for indoor usage. You can easily break the toy if you drive it outside.


5. ICW 6 Wheel Rock Climber

This one is my personal favourite. This RC truck comes with 4 regular tyres and 4 tank like belt wheels. These wheels can be attached to your truck when the terrain is very rock and/or is filled with wet mud.

This truck has a powerful motor and can handle climbs of up to 35 degrees. It is capable of reaching a speed of 35 km/hr (Good speed compared to the price of the toy)

ICW Monster Truck RC Car with 6 wheel drive & tank belt wheels

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Amazon



6. Webby 1:24 Scale Short Course Racing Car

A small but powerful racing car. It is capable of hitting the speeds of 14 km/hr. It has suspensions on the front and back to take care of minor obstacles and add stability to the car.

This car is available in three different colours.

Webby 1 24 Scale Short Course Racing Car

Check available colours & designs – Amazon

The product comes with a 24 GHz controller and batteries for the car and remote control.


7. 6 Wheel RC Trucks

The last product is a 6 wheel RC truck for kids. It is available in two distinct colour combination and is sold by multiple sellers on both Amazon and Flipkart.

6 Wheel Rock Crawler RC Truck Price & Review

Check Available Colours and Designs – Flipkart | Amazon

Apart from the number of wheels, the functionality of the truck remains the same as other similar products shown above. The extra set of wheels do add to the stability of the truck.


This brings me to an end of my review of the Best RC Cars & Monster Trucks in India. Which one have you decided to buy? Have you bought any of these products before? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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